Rurik was left out of the Sandhausen squad

Online reports states that Rurik was left out of the Sandhausen squad this weekend due to a training incident this past week. Sandhausen coach Uwe Koschinat talked to the football medias after the game, “There was an incident in this week of training that I could not let go unsanctioned,” without giving details.

The reports says that Rurik had got carried away to a revenge foul. Koschinat and Kabaca (Sandhausen Teammanager) agreed to give Rurik a break. He was then removed from the squad, but should be back in traning today, monday.

Source:,-sv-sandhausen-vorfall-im-training-gislason-musste-daheim-bleiben-update-_arid,462181.html (German article)

We are back!

After a much needed break, we are back again. Ready to bring you all the latest on Rurik and his work. With coming back online, it is very important to clarify, that we won’t be sharing much of Rurik’s private life, as our main focus will be on his football career and other work, as modeling etc.

With being back, we also thought it would only be fitting to have a new look – hope you like it! Big thanx to Headers Online for the amazing work, once again!

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