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2018 Jan 18

Transfer news: Rurik will join Sandhausen

It’s now official that Rurik will move on from FC Nurnberg and until summer he will be playing in Sandhausen. The new club is also a 2. Bundesliga club and is also fight in the top of the league, like Nurnberg.

I’d like to congratulate Rurik on the move, and I look forward to seeing his further development and fight for a place in the Icelandic Euro squad.

2017 Oct 17
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Rúrik to move away from Nurnberg this winter?

I've seen multiple German articles these last days, that talks about a possible move away from FC Nurnberg. Iceland just qualified for next years World Cup, and with Rúrik's injury shortly before last years Euro Cup, he is looking...
2017 Aug 18
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Rúrik showing off the new FCN 3rd kit shirt – Black is Beautiful

@rurikgislason showing off the new FCN 3rd kit shirt - must say I really like it! #rurikgislason #rurik #rurikgislasonfans #rg19 #fcn Et opslag delt af Rúrik Gíslason Fans (@rurikgislasonfans) den 17. Aug 2017 kl. 11:33 PDT
2017 Jul 16
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2 new goals from Rúrik (Video)

2017-07-15 FC Nurnberg training match against Inter @rurikgislason's goal from yesterday! 💪🏻 #HardWorkPaysOff #rurik #rurikgoal #rurikgoal #rurikgislason #rurikgislasongoal #rurikgislasonfans #rg19 #fcn #proud #happy #keepitup Et opslag delt af Rúrik Gíslason Fans (@rurikgislasonfans) den 16. Jul 2017 kl. 12:28 PDT...
2017 Jul 14
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Rúrik: ‘This is my last chance!’

When Rurik Gislason (29) was substituted for Garching (5: 2) on Tuesday in the club test, the Icelander gave everything he had, shaking his opponents at high speed like pesky flies. He scored a goal and made many dangerous...
2017 Jul 08
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Gislason will fight for his spot on the FCN team

German article from - roughly translated. BAMBERG - 1. FC Nürnberg is still looking for a striker, although a couple are still running at the Valznerweiher sports park. Rurik Gislason, for example, who is hoping for his breakthrough...
2017 Jul 02
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Rurik scored in the latest FCN testmatch

FCN played against Bohemians Prag yesterday July 1st, where Rurik scored the goal to end result 4-0. Rurik's goal yesterday in the FCN testmatch against Bohemians Prag - @GislasonRurik— Rúrik Gíslason Fans (@RurikGFans) 2. juli 2017
2017 Mar 16
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Buy Rúrik’s signed match worn shirts

You now have a chance to get a signed match worn shirt form Rurik. Via the official FC Nurnberg site, there's two shirts up for auction - 1 x Home shirt and 1 x Away shirt Click the images...
2017 Feb 28
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Interview with CEF Nürnberg TV (Video)

2016 Oct 08
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Pictures: Back on the pitch

Rúrik is back on the pitch after a minor injury, and he played 45 min yesterday in a training match. So good seeing @rurikgislason back on the field! 😃⚽️ I spot new boots? Haven't you always been a Adidas...
2016 Aug 02
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New FC Nurnberg autograph card

You can buy Rúrik's autograph card at the official FC Nurnberg webshop right here.