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He currently plays for 2. Bundesliga Team SV Sandhausen in Germany.
Rúrik is a player who uses his power and skills primarily on the right wing. Rúrik has played for FC Nurnberg (Germany), FC Copenhagen (Denmark), OB (Denmark), Viborg (Denmark), Charlton (England), HK (Iceland) and Anderlecht (Belgium)

German article from – roughly translated.

BAMBERG – 1. FC Nürnberg is still looking for a striker, although a couple are still running at the Valznerweiher sports park. Rurik Gislason, for example, who is hoping for his breakthrough in his third year at the club – and not for the first time.

Life is far too good to be stressful. Rurik Gislason knows this. In his holidays he likes to fly the sun afterwards, to Florida or Dubai, even in everyday life, the friendly Icelander always feels deeply relaxed. Little can get him out of his way. He can be really angry if he feels unjustified. As by Alois Schwartz, his former coach.

Rurik has often been left out of the starting line up, for whatever reason. Last season, Gislason scored for the first time on the 21st day of the match, at the 0-2 in Munich. Far too little for one who is called unconditional teamplayer. And the next year with his country selection would like to go to the World Cup to Russia.

“He is developing and working well for himself,” says coach Köllner, “he takes things very well.” Gislason, as a substitute midfielder, beat Bohemians Prague and tried to set a sign, the two internal defenders, he also shaken a few times vigorously; Just before the end of the game. A success story, which has been denied him in the Second League so far. And in times when an offensive force is often measured by their goals.

“I am always optimistic,” he says, before the others in the squad he does not need to hide. “There is always competition in a big club like Nuremberg,” says Gislason, “but I’m sure the competition will be fair this season.”

Gislason is ready, “I feel fit, I’ve trained well,” he says. Even Iceland’s national coach Heimir Hallgrímsson is back on Gislason; In the World Cup qualification, he switched to the final victories in Kosovo and against Croatia in the final phase, during the test in Ireland Gislason was allowed to participate in 88 minutes.

“There is no reason for me not to be optimistic,” says Gislason, “for my career it would be a disaster to experience a season like the past.” At that time he had the feeling “never to get a chance to show me, I felt I deserved more chances.” Now, in preparation, he gets it – and seems to use it as well.

“I came here to have success with this great club,” says Gislason, whose contract expires next summer. “It is up to me and the club what the future brings.” For him hopefully a beautiful life. Especially as a footballer.

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curt: How important was it for you to leave Iceland in 2004 to play on the European continent?
Rurik Gislason: That was really important to me. I started to train more and to play football, rather than go to school, hang out with my friends and have fun. A first hard decision for me, because I have my life, just as it was, really liked it, but I have not regretted a second. I started to live my dream.

curt: Football in Iceland was more of a niche sport, when you went back then …
Rurik Gislason: Yes, it was. But since then a lot has happened. There are many more football halls with good facilities. Back then we played outdoors, was regardless of the weather and the place looked like. The kids today have much better options.

curt: For you it was important to leave in accordance with Iceland to be a professional footballer?
Rurik Gislason: I always wanted to be a professional soccer player and knew that I would eventually have to leave my home to take the next steps.
curt: Finally, you’re landed here, at 1. FCN.
Rurik Gislason: Why finally? [Laugh]

curt: What were the reasons for your move to Nuremberg?
Rurik Gislason: A good friend of mine, Per Nilsson has played here before. He influenced me to go in my decision to Nuremberg decisively. He has praised team and environment here in the highest terms. To be honest, I had not heard too much from the club and the second Bundesliga by then, then began to but to occupy myself with the association and all its tradition and am super happy to be here. Unfortunately I was injured a lot so far, but I’m working hard to be fit again and want the fans and all the people who have supported me here to get something back.

curt: What are your ambitions to the end of this season?
Rurik Gislason: I think I must not have too high claims. The coach has a great team available, which is off to a great series. I will continue to work hard to be there when the team needs me.

curt: You play well for many years in the Icelandic national team. What are the differences between the Icelandic team and the club for you?
Rurik Gislason: Both teams work very hard for what they have achieved, each player is ready to go far – for himself and for the team. In this they are very similar. Finding differences is not easy, when you let the tactics get out. The Icelandic national team have been together for a long time in their current occupation. Since we once won two matches, football fans have built a very nice print. The team has been rather driven and made the already very good team spirit even better. Iceland is a small country with a small capital, as it is closely related.

curt: What did the Icelandic national team so successful in the European Championship qualifiers?
Rurik Gislason: For me, it is a mixture of talent, team spirit and mutual trust. As just been told, we are playing a long time together. Very long. The coaches give us much confidence and help us to develop ourselves, individually and as a team. We may make mistakes and lose games. But the confidence is undiminished.

curt: What has changed in Iceland with the success of the football team?
Rurik Gislason: It has changed a lot. One could say that it has the whole society changed a bit. It was hard to imagine for us that people from Iceland traveling to one of our Games Away. Meanwhile, there are always more. When we play, that’s almost a national holiday. For the kids we are a lot more as a model than before, we can encourage them to improve themselves and to believe that everything can be possible.

curt: What purpose does the team for the European Championship?
Rurik Gislason: Probably thinking of one or the other, we have already achieved our goal with the qualification. But we want to go, as soon as possible. We go to the games to win them.
curt: What role do you want to play in this?
Rurik Gislason: Unfortunately, I was injured quite a while. That was not a good timing. But before the qualification I’ve played an important role in the team, then I want to go back. And for that I will work hard!
curt: Good luck for it!
Rurik Gislason Thank you!

curt: We read again and again that you like to hear rock and hip-hop. Have you ever been on one of these beautiful music festivals in Islands, as the Iceland Airwaves or the Sonar Reykjavik?
Rurik Gislason: That’s what I initially meant by the hard decision. So far I could never go to one of these festivals.
curt: you are listening to Icelandic music?
Rurik Gislason: Oh yes, I have been following the Icelandic music scene carefully. When I was in Iceland last December, rehabilitation, I imitated my degree, then celebrated a bit and invited other bands and artists. For example Úlfur Úlfur.

curt: I looked at last year’s Iceland Airwaves live plays, great Icelandic rap. However, I have other than “motherf ** ker, understood nothing.
Rurik Gislason: [laughs] Yeah, they’re cool. Icelandic musicians have a great instinct, a blatant creativity, and what new influences and their processing terms. I like not really a specific genre, but everything is good.
curt: We can indeed, when the interview will be online, even grab a video of Úlfur Úlfur to …
Rurik Gislason: As pleased viewed. But you must also grab one of Kaleo. They have also played at my party and are really great.

[Interview: David Lodhi, Photos: Thomas Bönig,]

Rúrik is back training with the FC Nurnberg squad and was even on the bench when the team met RB Leipzig yesterday. A game they won with 3-1.
It won’t be long until we see him on the field again, putting in hard work for the team to stay in top 3 of the 2. Bundesliga, which will earn them a place in the Bundesliga next season.

“I played a reserve game last weekend, so it all looks good. I’ve been working hard on my rehabilitation. It’s not been long since I started practicing with the team, but I am still in fine form. I do not feel like I have been sidelined for five months”

“I managed to practice three times last week and the coach wanted me in the squad last weekend but the doctor would not accept it. I expect to be in the squad this weekend. I feel like I’m ready and I’ve been showing in training that I am in good shape”

Rúrik had surgery to repair his Achilles tendon that was partially demolished and has kept him out since September last year. Now he is back and ready to fight for his place on the FC Nurnberg team, as well as the national team, who’s going to the 2016 UEFA European Championship, which is held in France this summer.

“I would be frustrated if I was not named in the squad. It would be the first time in several years that I was not named in the squad when I’m injury-free. Of course I would be very frustrated, but I just need to work hard and show people that I belong in this group.”

“First and foremost, i need to start playing and playing well.”

Quotes taking from an interview Rúrik did with the Icelandic site

Rurik_fotboltiRúrik is doing well after the surgery he had in October, to fix is Achilles tendon and he’s looking to be back in training in FC Nurnberg on January 4th 2016.
Right now he is back home in Iceland where he is working with the physiotherapist from the Icelandic national team, Stefan Stefansson.

In the interview Rúrik also talks about how different the german way of professional football is to the danish way, which Rúrik had been used to for years. He really likes the more strict rules and hopes he can come back stronger from the injury and help the team move up from the German B league to the Bundesliga.

He also talks about how important his time in Viborg was and how it gave him a reality check, because the players in Charlton, where he played prior to moving to Denmark, was all about spending their money on expensive cars and stuff and not so much on saving up for the future.

Listen or read the full interview here: (It’s in Icelandic!)

In an interview with, Rúrik talks about learning to speak german,
where he finds he’s danish skills to help him alot, because of the many parallels between danish and german.

He also talks about his music skills and his passion for playing guitar, bass, drums and piano.
While in Copenhagen he spend a lot of time with former FCN player Pelle Nilsson, where they could spend hours just playing music together,
and Pelle tried to teach Rúrik some traditional Swedish music, but Rúrik prefer to play rock and hip hop.

He also talks about icelandic football and tells that from a young age they teach you to play in the same formation, espacilly on the national team.
That everyone gives a 100% all the time and everyone fights for each other.

Speaking about being in Germany and playing for FCN, Rúrik says that he likes the project of returning to the Bundesliga and hopes he can play a big part
in making that happen.

Speaking about the future opponents like Kaiserslautern, Freiburg and Munich, Rúrik says that he always wants to win and will give 100% all the time.

It’s not only on the pitch Rúrik has goals, also outside the pitch he wants to achieve things.
He’s taking German lessons and want’s to start studying law real soon.
But football comes first and his focus is all about FCN right now.

Rúrik og Zanka var fordi FCK TV Live efter kampen igår aftes og du kan se deres interview her:


FC Københavns Rurik Gislason er ikke helt tilfreds med sin egen sæson, hvor han har lidt under hyppig rotation i startopstillingen.
Det har ikke ligefrem været en jubelsæson for FC Københavns offensivspiller Rurik Gislason.

Islændingen har været inde og ude af startopstillingen, hvor han tilmed har spillet forskellige pladser – og i Superliga-sammenhæng er det kun blevet til 14 kampe fra start i denne sæson, altså lige over halvdelen af turneringen. Tilmed har Gislason hverken leveret mål eller assist i denne Superliga-sæson for FC København og kun to gange i sæsonen har han fået fuld spilletid i Superligaen.

Rurik Gislason er heller ikke helt tilfreds med sin egen sæson.

– Sæsonen har været lidt op og ned, synes jeg. Det vil jeg sige. Der har været hård konkurrence på pladserne, så det har været lidt mere ind og ud, end man selvfølgelig håber på. Jeg er ikke kommet ind i den rytme, hvor man spiller hver uge. Jeg har spillet en del kampe, og jeg klager ikke, men der har været meget rotation i kampene, og det har også afhængt af, hvem vi har spillet mod. Der er forskellige typer til kantpositionen, og Ståle har mange gode at vælge imellem. Det er selvfølgelig bare en fordel for holdet, siger Rurik Gislason til

Der resterer nu seks Superliga-kampe og en pokalfinale for FC København dette forår, og med de mange skader i klubbens offensiv in mente, håber Rurik Gislason, at han kan bruge sæsonafslutningen på at gribe chancen og vise, at han stadig kan gøre en forskel for FC København.

– Det går jeg helt klart efter. Jeg har spillet de sidste tre kampe, og om det så har været min foretrukne position eller ej, er lige meget. Jeg er glad, når jeg er på banen, og jeg prøver at gøre det så godt som muligt. Om jeg er midt på eller på kanten, betyder ikke så meget. Jeg er bare glad, når jeg spiller, siger den 27-årige islænding.

Til sommer har Gislason været i klubben i tre år, og han vil til den tid have et år tilbage af sin kontrakt med de danske vicemestre. Han ser dog stadig sig selv have en vigtig rolle i klubben, selvom han måske ikke har samme profil-status, som han tidligere har haft.

– Jeg kan rigtig godt lide at være i FC København, og jeg har et år tilbage af min kontrakt. Jeg er glad for at være her i klubben og byen. Jeg tænker ikke, at jeg skal væk. Overhovedet ikke. Tværtimod vil jeg tilbage på sporet, og jeg synes, det er en overdrivelse at sige, at jeg har mistet min status. Det mener jeg ikke, at jeg har. Jeg vil bare tilbage på sporet, og det er det, jeg arbejder på. Det er det eneste, jeg tænker på, fastslår han.

Rurik Gislason er startet inde i de seneste to FCK-kampe i Superligaen.

Kilde: Tipsbladet


– Det er noget man skal ha’ med i alt hvad man laver. Nogle gange er det let og kommer af sig selv, og andre gange skal man selv finde den frem, men den skal være der. Og man skal finde det inde i sig selv.


– Det er en af mine yndlingshobbies! Jeg elsker simpelthen musik, og hvis ikke jeg var blevet fodboldspiller, ville jeg gerne ha’ været rockstjerne. Altså hvis jeg var god nok…


– Det første, der falder mig ind, er koldt og dårligt vejr – og den Blå Lagune!


– Det er meget vigtigt for mig. Vi er rigtigt tætte i min familie og har et stærkt sammenhold.


– Ha-ha, det er noget vi spiser på Island. Det er haj, der er skåret i små terninger, og det lugter dårligt og smager rigtig, rigtig surt! Jeg tænker i hvert fald ikke på Michelin-restauranter…


– Hm… Ståle og Tom er jo meget forskellige… men jeg tænker på skiløb. Det er bare ikke lige noget, jeg går op i. Langrend er altså virkelig nørdet, og forleden havde Tom f.eks. ikke tid til at køre mig hjem, fordi han skulle skynde sig hjem og se VM!

I slutningen af Oktober kunne fans sende spørgsmål ind til os på Facebook, Twitter og Instagram, hvorefter vi udvalgte 6 spørgmål som Rúrik har svaret på.

In October fans could send in questions for Rúrik via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We picked out 6 questions that Rúrik have answered.

– Hvordan er det at spille i Danmark og FCK?

Rúrik: Jeg kan rigtig godt lide at spille i Danmark og jeg syntes FCK spiller en rigtig,
rigtig stor rolle i at jeg føler mig så godt tilpas. Jeg er og har altid været rigtig glad for at være i klubben.
– How is it to play in Denmark and FCK?

Rurik: I really like playing in Denmark and I think FCK plays a really really big role in me feeling so comfortable here. I am and have always been really happy to be in the club.

– Hvad er din største drøm som fodboldspiller?

Rúrik: Min støreste drøm som fodboldspiller vil jeg gerne holde for mig selv.
Man har nogle ambitioner som selvfølgelig skal være realistiske og dem holder jeg for mig selv. 🙂
– What is your biggest dream as a football player?

Rurik: My biggest dream as a footballer is something I would like to keep to myself.
You have some ambitions which obviously has to be realistic and I keep them to myself . 🙂

– Hvor langt tror du Island når til EM (hvis I kvalificere jer)?

Rúrik: Jeg har en god fornemmelse omkring landsholdet. Vi har måske ikke den største trup,
men hvis vi kan holde alle fit, kan vi forhåbentlig komme langt.
– How far do you think Iceland can go at the Euro 2016 tournament (if you qualify for it)?

Rurik: I have a good feeling about the national team. We may not have the biggest squad,
but if we can keep everyone fit, we can hopefully get far.

– Ser du dig selv som kommende mand i startopstillingen på landsholdet?

Rúrik: 100%. Det arbejder jeg på.
Jeg tror på mig selv og derfor tror jeg også at jeg bliver fast mand i startopstillingen på landsholdet.
– Do you see yourself as a regular man in the starting line-up on the national team?

Rurik: 100%. I’m working on it.
I believe in myself and therefore I believe that I will be a regular man in the starting line-up on the national team.

– Hvordan er det at være fodboldspiller i FCK?

Rúrik: Jeg kan rigtig godt lide det. Der er selvfølgelig meget pres på,
fordi forventningerne er høje hos fans og tilskuere, men det burde vi også kunne klare.
– How is it to be a football player in FCK?

Rurik: I really like it. Of course there’s alot of pressure,
because expectations are high among fans and spectators, but we should be able to handle that.

– Hvis du selv kunne bestemme, hvilken spiller ville du så have til FCK?

Rúrik: Hvis jeg kunne få hvem som helst ville det være Ronaldo eller Messi, men de er nok for dyre til FCK.
– If it was up to you, which player would you like to see in FCK?

Rurik: If I could pick anyone, it would be Ronaldo or Messi, but they are probably too expensive for FCK.