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2018 Jul 25

Interview (Article): Rurik Gislason is “not the type for the Bachelor”

Translated from a German article

Sandhausen. Rurik Gislason is the last player to leave the cabin. The Icelander is in high demand on the media day of SV Sandhausen. Publishers and radio stations, which otherwise do not lose themselves to the Hardtwald, came only because of the 30-year-old Viking.

For at the World Cup, he was one of the stars. At least in social media. 36,000 fans followed him in front of Russia on Instagram, now it is 1.3 million.

“How is it possible that you are so beautiful?”, Brazilian actress Gabriela Lopes posted after Gislasons World Cup debut against Argentina – and triggered a veritable hype. “It has fundamentally changed my life,” laughs the attacker from Hardtwald, who handles the sudden fame surprisingly easy, friendly and approachable and (almost) answered all questions of the RNZ.

Only the according to his relationship status not. “I do not talk about my private life,” smiles the good-natured Nordmann, who the audience can experience live on Wednesday evening.

At the peak of the season preparation, the second division team will welcome VfB Stuttgart at 6.30 pm at the Hardtwald. Otmar Schork, who hopes for 4,000 spectators, is pleased with the new adage of his striker.

“Rurik is currently very much in focus,” says the CEO, “but we believe that he can handle the hype well.” Tickets for the friendly against Stuttgart are still available in all categories.

Question: Rurik Gislason, after the World Cup you were allowed two weeks vacation.

I was with friends for six days in Miami. And then I spent vacation in the rain in Iceland (laughs). But it was nice with my parents, my brother and my sister and my six nieces and nephews.

Immediately before the World Cup you extended your contract with SV Sandhausen. What spoke for it?

It’s important for me to play – week by week. The coach trusts me and supports me. I want to give back some of the trust he gives me. The decision was therefore very easy for me.

How did you learn about your sudden glory?

After the Argentina game, my Instagram account went crazy. The numbers have skyrocketed. But I was very happy, that was only positive for me.

You have received many requests …

On vacation, I wanted to recover, because I have only visited a TV and a radio show. Now I try to answer as many requests as possible. There were also offers to work as a model for fashion. Maybe I do one or the other. I’m thinking about it. But it has to be the right thing.

Were there even crazier offers, whether you would go on television as a Bachelor, for example?

(laughs) No, I would not do that. I’m not the type for that.

The Brazilian actress Gabriela Lopes has triggered the hype around you. Do you have contact with her?

(smiles) No, I do not have one. She has changed my life fundamentally.

Could the sudden glory attract more viewers to Sandhausen?

I hope so. But it’s not about me, but about the team. If the team plays well, the fans come. And we have a good team! The SV Sandhausen is such a wonderful little club, here it is like in a family.

Iceland beat Argentina 1-1 at the World Cup but then lost to Nigeria and Croatia. Does the pride or the disappointment outweigh?

It’s a mix of both. I am a bit disappointed, but also proud of Iceland and my team. Hey – we played at the World Cup.

They had two missions at the World Cup …

I’m realistic and happy about every minute I was allowed to play. Because I had not played so many internationals in recent years.

In the training camp, you met eleven new players. What’s up for Sandhausen in the new season?

It’s too early to say that. In the 2nd league, everyone can really beat anyone. Our goal is definitely to do better than last year.

With Fabian Schleusener, Kevin Behrens or Karim Guédé SV Sandhausen has been upgraded especially in the storm. Are these more like colleagues or competitors?

They are colleagues – and really good players. That already increases our quality.


2018 Jul 24
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