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2018 Dec 29

Bid for Ruriks Icelandic shirt

You can now get your hands on one of Rurik’s national team shirts, through United Charity. Bidding starts at 300€ and runs from 1/1-2019 until 18/1-2019.

Auction site:

2018 Oct 16
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‘Lambertz’ photoshoot

Rurik is working with Lambertz for their 2019 calendar. Vis dette opslag på Instagram A few shots from @rurikgislason’s photoshoot with @lambertz_gruppe for their 2019 calendar 📸 #rurikgislason #rurik #rg9 #rg19 #photoshoot #photos #calendar #model Et opslag delt af...
2018 Oct 05
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Glamour Germany – Interview (Video)

While doing the photoshoot for Glamour Island, Rúrik also did an interview, which have been posted on the Germany Glamour website.
2018 Sep 29
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Another BTS video of the ‘Glamour Island’ photoshoot Rurik did

Vis dette opslag på Instagram 📹 New @glamouriceland promo and behind the scenes video with @rurikgislason #rurik #gislason #rurikgislason #glamour #glamourisland #bts #behindthescenes #photoshoot #icon #flash #model #camera #fan #fans #fansite #iceland #island #magazine Et opslag delt af Rúrik...
2018 Sep 26
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Donate and have a chance to win Rurik’s shirt

You have the chance to win one of Rurik's shirts and at the same time, support the charity of his choice. All you have to do is go to The donations are made in Icelandic Kroner. HOW IT...
2018 Sep 16
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Interview with Tivela

Here's the longer interview with Tivela. This was recorded before the World Cup and before the move to Sandhausen.
2018 Sep 13
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Glamour Island – BTS video of the photoshoot

Vis dette opslag på Instagram The @glamouriceland issue with @rurikgislason on the cover is out today - there’s a really personal interview inside as well 📸🎥✏️ // If anyone gets a hold of the magazine, please let us know!...
2018 Aug 24
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Rúrik joins the National team for Nations League

2018 Jul 25
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Interview (Article): Rurik Gislason is “not the type for the Bachelor”

Translated from a German article Sandhausen. Rurik Gislason is the last player to leave the cabin. The Icelander is in high demand on the media day of SV Sandhausen. Publishers and radio stations, which otherwise do not lose themselves...
2018 Jul 24
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Interview with Heidelberg 24

Interview with Heidelberg 24
Source: Heidelberg 24 on YouTube
2018 Jul 19
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Sandhausen interview

Ruriks club Sandhausen have been very generous and made an interview with him about the World Club, the Instagram fame and his time in Sandhausen, and the believe he's getting from the coach. Source: SV Sandhausen's YouTube