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Trailer for ‘Atvinnumönnunum okkar’ ft. Rurik

Rurik will appear in the Icelandic series ‘Atvinnumönnunum okkar’ (‘Our professionals’) – Here we’ll get an exclusive look behind the scenes in a little part of Rurik’s life, where he’ll talk about the disappointment in not being included in the EURO 2016 and much more. As soon as his episode airs, I’ll do my best to get my hands on it, and post it for you all.

Another BTS video of the ‘Glamour Island’ photoshoot Rurik did

Donate and have a chance to win Rurik’s shirt

You have the chance to win one of Rurik’s shirts and at the same time, support the charity of his choice.

All you have to do is go to The donations are made in Icelandic Kroner.

Athlete of the week chooses a charity. All donations collected will be donated to the charity. Rurik have choosen Konukot (an emergency shelter for women by The Red Cross) as his charity.

Charity goes on for 2 weeks. From Monday evening to Monday midday. You can buy multiple tickets for the lottery. You will receive lottery ticket numbers via email.

At the end of the second week, we will draw (using random number generator) one ticket which will get the shirt. We will announce the winner in a Facebook Live Event on Mondays (19:00 UTC+0).

New ambassador for SOS Iceland

Rúrik is a new ambassador for SOS children’s villages.