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Rurik modeling for 66north

Thursday, Aug 30, 2018

World Cup: Nigeria vs. Iceland (Photos)

Saturday, Jun 23, 2018

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World Cup: Argentina vs. Iceland (Photos)

Sunday, Jun 17, 2018

Yesterday the Iceandic football team made their World Cup debut in a game against the big nation, Argentina. Many had ruled them out, but in true viking style the guys managed to get a great 1-1 result. Rúrik came onto the pitch after 63 minutes.

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A year has gone by since Rurik’s surgery

Saturday, Oct 29, 2016

rurikgislasonfans: And we miss you on the pitch! I hope the tables turn, and you get selected for the FCN squad more often! Just keep up the great work and have a good spirit about it. Then I’m sure you’ll be back in no time, kicking that ball around!! 👌🏻😃

Pictures: Back on the pitch

Saturday, Oct 8, 2016

Rúrik is back on the pitch after a minor injury, and he played 45 min yesterday in a training match.


Et billede slået op af Rurik Gislason (@rurikgislason) den