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2018 Oct 21

Portraits by Moritz Maibaum

Rurik has kindly shared some new awesome portraits by Moritz Maibaum on his Instagram.

2018 Oct 16
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‘Lambertz’ photoshoot

Rurik is working with Lambertz for their 2019 calendar. Vis dette opslag på Instagram A few shots from @rurikgislason’s photoshoot with @lambertz_gruppe for their 2019 calendar 📸 #rurikgislason #rurik #rg9 #rg19 #photoshoot #photos #calendar #model Et opslag delt af...
2018 Sep 29
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Another BTS video of the ‘Glamour Island’ photoshoot Rurik did

Vis dette opslag på Instagram 📹 New @glamouriceland promo and behind the scenes video with @rurikgislason #rurik #gislason #rurikgislason #glamour #glamourisland #bts #behindthescenes #photoshoot #icon #flash #model #camera #fan #fans #fansite #iceland #island #magazine Et opslag delt af Rúrik...
2018 Aug 30
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Rurik modeling for 66north

@rurikgislason modeling for @66north 🔥 #model #66north #rurik #gislason #rurikgislason #iceland #repost Et opslag delt af Rúrik Gíslason Fans (@rurikgislasonfans) den 30. Aug, 2018 kl. 7.22 PDT
2018 Jun 23
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World Cup: Nigeria vs. Iceland (Photos)

(Clicking the photos will take you to our Facebook page) [embedsocial_album id="d54750f8d811ed2448067ac88256634ceb2a0717"]
2018 Jun 17
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World Cup: Argentina vs. Iceland (Photos)

Yesterday the Iceandic football team made their World Cup debut in a game against the big nation, Argentina. Many had ruled them out, but in true viking style the guys managed to get a great 1-1 result. Rúrik came...
2016 Oct 29
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A year has gone by since Rurik’s surgery

Its been a year since I had my achilles tendon operation in Switzerland. Today I'm fully recovered but I have to admit that I miss playing regularly! Et billede slået op af Rurik Gislason (@rurikgislason) den 28. Okt 2016...
2016 Oct 08
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Pictures: Back on the pitch

Rúrik is back on the pitch after a minor injury, and he played 45 min yesterday in a training match. So good seeing @rurikgislason back on the field! 😃⚽️ I spot new boots? Haven't you always been a Adidas...
2016 Jul 23
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Curt Magazine: Behind The Scenes (photos and video)

Thomas Bønig who did a photoshoot with Rúrik a few months ago, shared some behind the scenes photos and a video as well.
2016 Jul 04
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Pictures: Training camp in Grassau

Rúrik and his teammates from FC Nürnberg is currently on their yearly traning camp in Grassau - They are staying until Wednesday the 6th of july.
2016 May 07
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In conversation with: Rúrik Gislason, Footballer , 1. FCN (Curt Magazine)

curt: How important was it for you to leave Iceland in 2004 to play on the European continent? Rurik Gislason: That was really important to me. I started to train more and to play football, rather than go to...